2014-07-11 03:28:22

Today was the big day:
We went on a little road trip to our partner terre des homes in Osnabrueck to hand over the cheque of over 10K EURO (10.117,51 to be precise) from our charity special – the limited Brazil Edition!

Thanks to all of you for contributing to terre des hommes’ great program “A Chance to Play” that gives Kids in Brazil their right to play!

In case you missed it, here are the details once again: Charity Special Limited Brazil Edition

In short:
we created a very special watch edition by using 1950 Brazil Retro footballs and crafted watch straps out of them with our own hands.
We offered only 24 pieces for sale and you guys ordered all oft them within a few days!
Now the entire sales (not only the profit) went to terre des hommes and their program „A Chance to Play“ that provides support to kids in Brazil who really need it.

Of course also terre des hommes was super excited about receiving this biiiiiiig cheque from such a young start-up as we are. Here you find their official statement (unfortunately only in German): slow watches übergibt Spende an “A Chance to Play”

We are really proud that we are already able to support great charity projects like this in a significant way.

BUT: That has only been possible with your amazing help!!

Thanks so much again to all of you! Well done!!!
Be slow.


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