2015-09-24 12:23:26

We can’t tell you how excited we are! Today, we are finally introducing an entirely new model. That’s biiig news for a brand that is as focussed as slow! If you want to be 100% true to your brand, there is not much you can do without diluting the great things you already have. Everything needs to be meaningful and has to add to the story.

Therefore it took us a lot of time thinking of a way to even further enhance our concept of a watch as a reminder to be slow. After many sleepless nights, some bottles of wine and a good portion of help by mother nature we finally had the perfect inspiration for the new design: It should be as perfectly rounded and smooth as the stones carved by the water in the ocean or rivers.

Of course these stones, which are often used by zen Buddhists are already slow in itself. But when you wear and touch the watch you will feel that its flow and softness makes your slow O the ideal timepiece to remind you to stop chasing the minutes.

Needless to mention that technically it was challenging for our engineers to bring this design alive. But these guys are smart as hell and in the end they found a clever constructions – like the rounded fully integrated case back, top loading assembly and bombe glass – to manufacture this amazing watch case! Holding it in our hands for the first time just made us all smile 🙂
But not only the case is incredible. We also put some extra emphasis on the dial. Every single number as well as the round hour indexes have been set separately on the decently structured surface. It creates a beautiful floating effect and gives a lot of depth to the piece.

Enough talking now! Just take a look yourself; slow O actually does not need a lot of words! Check the entire line up right here. 

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