2015-04-01 03:37:42

We are soooo proud and super excited to announce today that we just finalized the new slow model: After introducing slow Jo and slow Mo the little sibling, we are now ready to launch FAST JoMo!

As slow Jo and Mo it has only one hand. But this time the milli-second hand! We found that every moment is so special, that we need a better indication to actually be aware of every moment. And how can you be better aware of every moment if not with a milli-second hand!

Of course as this is quite a unique concept, it is unfortunately also cost intense… The starting price of fast JoMo will be around 1000 EUR. But you will definitely appreciate the new way of valuing EVERY single milli-second of the day!

And for those who are still reading this nonsence…. HAPPY APRIL FOOLS DAY!!! 😀

Your slow team (who would NEVER do such a stupid thing…)


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